What to do when waxing goes wrong #HelpASisterOut

I was recently having a conversation with a client, during which she told me a horrifying story of a girl using gasoline to remove wax from a botched “at home waxing” job. I was simply stunned. It compelled me to write a blog discussing the “do’s” and definite “don’t’s” of waxing.

  • DO prep your skin by cleansing it of all make-up, lotion and topical debris with soap and water. Be sure your skin is dry before applying the wax. Failing to do so could cause injury to the skin.
  • DON’T exfoliate before waxing. Soft wax (wax removed with cotton strips) will remove the first layer of dead skin when removed properly. If you exfoliate before you will most likely remove healthy skin as well, causing a painful rash or wound.
  • DO test the temperature of the wax by placing a small amount on your forearm. If it’s excessively hot, turn the wax down and allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes before applying to the desired area.
  • DON’T apply wax that is excessively hot as serious burns may occur. Burning the skin with wax can have long term effects, especially in sensitive areas. If this happens consult a physician at once.
  • DO use an oil or cream applied to a cotton ball to remove excess wax. In the event neither of those work, isopropyl alcohol 70% will break down the wax when applied with light friction. Be sure not get isopropyl alcohol in your eyes, noes, mouth or open wounds. This includes other orifices as well.
  • DON’T try to reheat the wax once on your skin! Neither a hot bath nor a hair dryer will work. Trust me, it’s been tried!
  • DO hydrate the skin after your hair removal session by using an alcohol, dye and perfume free moisturizer for at least 24 hours after.
  • DON’T forget to exfoliate you skin daily to prevent ingrown hairs.

Remember to always call a professional if you ever have any doubts about performing a waxing service on yourself or others. It’s always better to get it done right the first time, then to suffer through having to fixed. Be safe out there ladies!

Aloha, Sarah